You don't have to worry about your sun exposure anymore!

The Power to Measure

Would you like this freedom yourself?
SunSense technology puts you in control of your UV exposure by letting you track and monitor your accumulated UV dose in real-time.
SunSense UV trackers are designed with different wearing/mounting solutions that provides excellent ergonomics and great flexibility for how it is carried on the body or attached to clothing and sports gear. Various activities can lead to uneven sun exposure of the body and the sensor can therefore be attached where you are most vulnerable. 
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Understanding UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation present in sunlight and other sources. Different skin types react differently to UV light. The first step to protection is understanding what you’re up against.

At Risk & Sensitive 

Millions of people have skin conditions or are taking medications making their skin more sensitive to sunlight. Are you one of them? Read more about our innovative solutions. 


SunSense technology can be adapted to a number of patient- and at-risk groups specific needs. This includes: 

  • Using existing SunSense trackers and app for field trials research 

  • Sharing and exploring collected UV-readings 

  • Developing new and tailored solutions

With or without the use of sunscreen, SunSense will precisely measure the daily amount of exposure to the sun, and sound an alarm when the daily safe accumulated UV dose limit has been reached.




90% of all skin care cases are considered preventable!




In the UK, a person dies every week from sun-related health problems due to UV exposure at work alone.




In the US 1 of 5 is expected to develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and almost 5 million are treated every year at the cost of $8.1 billion.

Medical Endorsements

Doctor’s Orders

Here’s what medical professionals are saying about Sunsense

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight is the most prominent and ubiquitous physical factor in our natural environment responsible both for photoaging of the skin and for developing skin cancer. The sun-seeking habits in our populations contributed strongly both to the increase in skin cancer observed in the last two decades and to photo damage. It is highly recommended for both children over the age of six months and grown-ups to use effective sunscreen under exposure for UV radiation. At the same time it is important to achieve sufficient UV stimulation in the skin for production of vitamin D. Vitamin is essential for absorption of calcium from the gut and plays very important role for bone health. Effective and reliable measure of UV index under sun exposure is therefore important tool to obtain enough UV stimulation in the skin for synthesis of vitamin D but on the same time to avoid sunburn.
Thomas Ternowitz
Dermatologist, professor, MD, PhD
Opportunities are available for distributors, sales agents and local representatives in markets globally where the public and potential customers are concerned with tanning, UV exposure and health risks like skin cancer. SunSense products are also very suited for OEM production and rebranding, either for retail or as promotional items and giveaways. Learn more about global opportunities

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