Protection starts

with education

Do you know the difference between dose and intensity?

UV exposure is a powerful attack on the skin, creating damage that can range from premature wrinkles to dangerous skin cancer.

Diseases related to human skin are one of the most common forms of disease in the world and more than 3000 types have been identified. Worldwide, this is the fourth leading cause of disability, and 3 of the 10 most common diseases affect the skin. In the United States, several skin diseases are among the 15 most common diagnoses, costing society nearly $40bn per year.

Most skin diseases are not life-threatening, but negatively and often greatly affect the quality of life. Very many are naturally plagued by the psychosocial consequences of obvious visible signs of illness on the body.

However, in all guidelines from the health authorities, it is constantly emphasized that this must be weighed against the danger of being sunburned.

Sunburn is the main reason why skin cancer is the world's fastest growing form of cancer – but according to the World Health Organization: "9 out of 10 skin cancer cases can easily be prevented - by avoiding being sunburned".

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