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SunSense UV trackers are designed with different wearing/mounting solutions that provides excellent ergonomics and great flexibility for how it is carried on the body or attached to clothing and sports gear. Various activities can lead to uneven sun exposure of the body and the sensor can therefore be attached where you are most vulnerable. 

Advanced algorithms mimic the human skin’s response curve to varying UV intensity for state of the art accuracy. SunSense technology puts you in control of your sun exposure in a reliable and easy way It measures how much sun exposure you’re getting, regardless of the season, cloud cover, altitude, ozone holes, time or geographic location, and will not be tricked by a cooling breeze or reflections from the snow or water. 

Intelligent power saving features minimise power consumption, shuts the device off automatically after use, and allows it to hibernate till next summer with virtually no battery drain. A simple tap to the casing will wake it up again.

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