Your Personal Sun Protection Assistant

SunSense monitors your accumulated sun (UV ) exposure

and offers suggestions based on your personal skin profile.

SunSense Sensor

  • Real time monitoring of UV exposure (UVA and UVB)

  • High accuracy and reliability

  • Blue tooth enabled

  • Compact and discreet

  • Durable clip-on for wearability

  • For use with iPhone and Android smartphone 

  • Sun Exposure LED for quick exposure check

  • Waterproof: 3ft/1m

  • Battery: Replaceable CR2032

SunSense App

The Sun Sense Sensor UV exposure data is recorded via bluetooth to your smartphone's SunSense App providing the most useful information to optimize your enjoyment of the sun.

  • Allows you to plan your personal day in the sun

  • Reflects UV forecast in real-time from your GPS location

  • Makes suggestions based on UV forecast, your skin profile, and safe exposure times

  • Suggests and notifies if additional SPF lotion applications are warranted

  • Records sun exposure history, your feedback and other important information to learn how to stay safe out in the sun.




Clip on your SunSense

  • Different activities can lead to very uneven sun exposure of the body and therefore wear the device where your skin is most exposed. 

  • SunSense can easily be worn on your most
    sun-exposed parts of the body using a clip.
SunSense colors.jpg