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Five outdoor workers are diagnosed with skin cancer every day in the UK

SunSense Work is a heavy duty personal UV tracker designed for professional and industry applications. It will calculate your personal maximum recommended UV-dose, and track your accumulated exposure in real-time, warning you when you are in danger of sun burn.

Are your employees at risk?

Introducing the SunSense Work

World-leading technology
SunSense puts your employees in control of their sun exposure in a reliable and easy way. It shows how much sun you get regardless of the season, cloud cover, altitude, ozone holes, time or geographic location.

How does it work?

It is easy to use. The accompanying app controls the SunSense PRO and will alert the user about accumulated exposure. It is an advanced tool for determining skin type and individual max UV-dosage recommendations based upon previous exposure/achieved tan and sunscreen factor used. It will also give advice on suggested Sun Protection Factor.


Flexibility for everyday use
SunSense is designed with different wearing/mounting solutions that provides excellent ergonomics and great flexibility in how it is carried on the body or attached to clothing.

Product highlights:

  • Only 24,4 x 7,5mm!

  • Individual calibration for maximum accuracy

  • Range ~10m (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1)

  • App interface for Android and iOS

  • Casing: Anodized T6061 Aluminium

  • Waterproof ~3 feet

  • Hypoallergenic TPU wristbands

  • Battery life: 4000-6000h

  • Unit price: £39.99 excl. VAT

The numbers

  • 42 per cent of malignant melanoma cancer cases involve construction workers

  • 70 per cent of workers in large UK construction companies haven’t had any sort of training on the risks of working in the sun

  • 2/3 of UK outside construction workers don’t know they are at risk of getting skin cancer

  • Getting painful sunburn just once every two years can triple the risk of melanoma

  • Up to 80% of dangerous UV rays can get through a cloudy sky

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